How to Choose the Right Stage and Projector for Your Event?


When you are organising an event in Melbourne that is going to feature live performances, there are two major essentials to take care of – the correct stage and the right projector. You have a number of options for stage and projector hire in Melbourne, but the question is; on what parameters will you select both for your upcoming event?

Let’s get into the details one-by-one.

Stage Hire For Your Event


Talking about the stage hire in Melbourne, you need to consider a number of factors that provide you with a peace of mind that the chosen stage is perfect for your event. Listed down below are the tips that will help you in getting the right stage.

Tip: 1 Know Your Performers

Knowing your performer’s need is of a great importance. When you begin to connect with your performers for your event, ask them their specific needs and discuss out what will work best for them. This will help you hire the right stage, sufficing the needs of the event thoroughly.

Tip: 2 Fix up Your Budget

Events are majorly budget-driven. There are various stage options, it’s on you to choose the one that fits best for your performers and most importantly, that fits best with your budget. Hence, before exploring, take a budget in mind and find the stage options there onwards.

Tip: 3 Consider the Weather

Weather is unpredictable here, which makes it imperative for you to give it a good amount of consideration while opting for stage hire in Melbourne. You should have a backup plan or necessary stage arrangements that won’t disturb your event in case of instant weather change.

Tip: 4 Select the Perfect Height

Recognise the peak of the audience sight and based on it, select your stage height. You can decide your stage height based on two factors – one is the number of the audience attending the event and another is the height of the venue available to you.

Projector Hire for Your Event


There are many factors that can affect the quality of the projected image if the hired projected is not up to the mark. An audio-video consultant can help Your AV Project in the best way possible. Opting for the quality projector lamps in Melbourne requires this brief guideline to follow:

Guideline: 1 Projector Brightness

You need to make sure that the size of the projected image is enough for easy viewing by your audience. For this, finding out the number of audiences and the size of the room can be of great help. Accordingly, you can demand a specific projector brightness while opting for projector hire in Melbourne.

Guideline 2: Projector Resolution

The high-resolution projectors are known to produce more crisp and clear images than the lower resolution ones. Hence, generally, it is recommended to have high-resolution projector lamps in Melbourne, especially when you need to display fine detailed images or performances with animations or advanced display techniques.

Guideline 3: Projector Weight and Size

An event can be organised anywhere, in an open space, in a big conference event hall and so on. In these cases, moving the projector from one place to another can be a big concern. On the contrary, choosing a light-weight and small-sized projector i.e. a portable projector is a more feasible option to consider for your event.

Guideline 4: Projector Connectivity

You wouldn’t want a situation where you are in the middle of your event and your projector experiences some connectivity glitch. To avoid this, it is very important to ensure that you have a smooth connectivity. After all, there is nothing worse than experiencing a cable or connection issue during the event.

Are these Tips and Guidelines Handy Enough?

The above-mentioned tips and guidelines are not rocket science. In fact, they are quite easy to practice while opting for a stage or projector hire in Melbourne. Considering these productive inputs will give you a peace of mind that your event turns out to be a successful one.

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