8 Common Misconceptions about Solar Power System


Over the past few years, solar energy has made the leap from being a luxury trend to the necessity of the normal energy consumers, giving tough competition to the traditional utility energy provider. Though many people in Melbourne are installing solar panels, there are still plenty who hesitate in getting one. This is due to the fact that they are often misguided as solar been not a good, affordable and easy energy option.

There is no denying in the fact that whenever almost any new technology gain traction in modern society, a reasonable amount of misinformation and myths tend to spread amongst the people. Solar energy is no exception. There are several misconceptions floating around that prevent many residents from switching to solar panels in Melbourne.

Solar energy is a greener and cleaner energy source that uses the sun rays to power your home or office. Installing solar panels in Melbourne has countless economic and environmental benefits, and we understand the importance of debunking the myths and properly educating people about solar energy. Let’s take a look:

#1 Installing Solar Panels is an Expensive Affair

Most of the Melbourne homeowners shy away from installing solar systems in Melbourne because they think that the initial cost is too much. Well, that’s not true. Over the years, not only the cost of solar systems has gone down tremendously, but also the potential savings from solar systems have risen.

Also, there are several financing options available, allowing you to save money before you even pay off the solar panels costs. When annual savings on the energy bills are combined with the government rebate and other incentives that cover almost 30% of the initial costs, installing solar panels in Melbourne is not only highly affordable but a great financial investment too.

#2 Solar Panels Doesn’t Work in Cloudy Weather

Though it is true that solar panels work excellent with regular sunshine, but cloudy weather will not extensively reduce the amount of energy generated through solar panels. Solar panels work by gathering visible light, and indirect sunlight scattered by the clouds will still reach your panels and generate electricity.

One indirect benefit of rain or snow is that it helps in getting rid of dust and debris from the solar panels, saving you time and money on the cleaning job.

#3 Solar Systems Demands Surplus Maintenance

The main goal of the solar panels is to enhance the efficiency of your home for years to come. Thereby, solar panels are designed to be highly durable and the system also has no moving parts, which minimise the need for maintenance. The only upkeep needed is eradicating all the dirt and debris a few times a year. Cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge will suffice the need.

However, there is no hurt in having your solar panels inspected on an annual basis. For more information, have a look at our blog about essential tips to extend the life of your solar panels.

#4 Solar Panels Can Damage My Roof

Solar panels are installed in a way which aid in the ability of your roof shingles to protect against moisture. When done by a professional, solar panels are installed on top of solar rails which are secured to the attic rafters. Most contractors provide warranty on their solar installation for over 10 years.

The fun fact is that now the solar panels are blocking the UV rays that were hitting your roof, ultimately providing protection against the weather. In short, solar panels actually aid in extending the shelf life of the roof.

#5 The Payback Period Is Too Long

A common misconception that revolves around a solar panel system is that it takes several years before you start seeing ROI. But, that’s not the case in reality. Depending on the initial investment and project size, you can start seeing ROI spontaneously.

An ROI can be counted once the initial installation cost is paid for in energy savings offered by the solar power generated by the system. The payback period, usually depends on the initial set-up cost and how much electricity is generated by the system. If you avail present government incentives and programs, your actual investment can be covered in as little as 4-6 years and in some cases, potentially less time if you install your own solar system.

If you are concerned about selling your home prior to the solar system being paid off. You need to understand here is that the solar panels actually amplify the value of your property. This means that your solar installation cost can be covered by an increased selling price of your home.

#6 It’s Better To Wait More For The Solar System Prices To Come Down

Enhanced technology, increased demand and greater availability of incentives and rebates have already reduced the price of the solar system, significantly. As the costs have dropped so drastically and the solar system installation is heavily incentivised, it’s not necessarily a good option to wait for the future.

Waiting more in order to save money is a misconception that many people tend to believe. But the truth is that the cost of solar systems may reduce constantly, but it won’t reduce so drastically as what it had over the last few years. Moreover, all the incentives and tax credits come with an expiry date. Thus, waiting can eventually mean a loss of funding for solar installation.

#7 Solar Panels Can Harm Your Curb Appeal

There is no doubt that having an energy efficient home is great. But many homeowners are concerned that bulky, unappealing solar panels can harm the curb appeal of their property. However, with the increasing ubiquity of the solar panels, they are now widely accepted and don’t stand out as much anymore. Moreover, solar panels are now designed while keeping the aesthetics in mind. Modern solar panels are thin and sleek which appear seamless with the surrounding roof.

#8 I Should Wait For Solar System To Become More Technological Advanced

Though many companies are working towards improving the efficiency of the solar panels and there have been plenty of upgrades over the years, the technology available today is well established and sufficient to cover the 100% energy usage of the home. The major technological advancement has already happened and is continuing to occur now. In fact, the solar power will likely energise your home as is; the incentives will start to expire in the coming years. Thus, it may be in your best interest to install solar panels in Melbourne before the plans expire.  As waiting for solar to become more efficient, you may lose out on the tax credit.


Don’t be fooled by any of these misconceptions. Solar systems are a green and clean energy alternative which is capable to generate electricity for your home or office. It is not only a valuable asset for your property, but is beneficial for the environment too.

The real estate market is embracing solar energy, making it vital for the homeowners to leverage solar energy to sell or refinance their property. In addition, government initiatives are funding tools and resources, making it easy for you install solar panels in Melbourne property. Thus, don’t fall for these myths and reap the benefits of solar energy today!