6 Factors To Consider During Aircon Installation


As the scorching heat takes a toll on your home, you’re more likely dreaming of the perfect, cool place to relax. If you don’t have an air conditioning unit or need a new one installed, there’s no better season to bring one. However, there are a few important factors which need to be considered during Aircon installation:

1. Size Of The Equipment

The size of the air conditioner unit is key to providing full comfort to the users. Size plays a very significant part in deciding the efficiency and longevity of the machine. If the unit is too much small, then it may not be enough for cooling your entire property and might fail totally in very hot weather. If the unit starts and stops more frequently, and the unit is too large, it will end up using a lot of energy.

2. Ductwork

If the ductwork in the house is not installed to carry out the cool air throughout the structure, then this may also be required to be addressed before bringing in the air conditioner. The duct seams and joints need to be properly sealed. The ductwork needs to be excellent as leaks in this system can slow the cooling process, which can impact the efficiency.

A licensed professional will review your current ducting and provide expert advice on a plan to move forward with the Aircon installation. Ductwork can be sealed or replaced in order to increase efficiency.

3. Placement

Before air conditioning installation one needs to find a shady area for the condenser. Condensers placed in overly lit areas can lead to overheating. In the process, costly damage can occur to the system. In addition to this, it needs to be in a location where the airflow will not be blocked. This ensures maximum efficiency with every use.

4. Repairs

Air conditioning repairs in Melbourne homes play a very important part in maintaining the unit in a good working condition. The unit must be installed in such a manner that, air conditioning repairs are easier and can be done regularly.

5. Alternatives

There are ultramodern models which have been manufactured using the latest technology and tools. If a radiator is present instead of forced air furnace, then a full house system of venting needs to be installed. Otherwise, one must settle for the window AC units. With new age ductless mini split air conditioners, indoor air handlers will be required without the need for renovation.

6. Cost of Installation

Aircon installation in Melbourne can be a costly affair. It is price worthy, due to the comfort level offered by an air conditioner. Some homeowners pay more depending on the amount of space, which needs to be kept cool. Nowadays, it is quite possible to selectively cool a particular area only. There are special venting techniques and portable air conditioners available in the market for this purpose. This is a very good option for people living in the temperate climate as it can be quite a cost-effective solution.


Considering all the important factors before choosing the equipment of your choice in Melbourne will prove to be very beneficial for making important decisions about an air conditioner purchase and installation. It is recommended to hire a licensed local residential electrician for the job. Read this informative blog to know the reasons for the same.

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